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Welcome to the State News History Project. We're hoping to collect as much information about The State News as possible!

The State News History

A comprehensive history of The State News, from its start in 1909 as a weekly paper to the award-winning daily it is today.

S'News Scoreboard

Every semester they work on The State News, our students go above and beyond, putting in the kind of time and talent that have earned us literally hundreds of awards in our decades on and off campus.

The State News Scoreboard racks up our students' honors, giving us a fantastic picture of how talented and dedicated our staff has been over the years.

State News Leaders

Recording and remembering all of the great leaders of the S'News: editors-in-chief, advertising managers, creative directors and more.

State News Hall of Fame

The State News Alumni Association Hall of Fame honors those S'Newsers who have achieved greatness over the years. Whether they've achieved great things in journalism, photography, technology, the law, the arts, sciences, or any other field, these S'Newsers represent the best our paper has to offer.

Award for Journalistic Achievement

Since 1996, the State News Alumni Association has annually honored a student staffer (or staff team) for his or her outstanding journalistic contribution to The State News.

Most Valuable Staffer Award

In 2009, the State News Alumni Association created a new award to recognize a student staffer for his or her innovation and leadership at The State News. Honorees may work in any department of the newspaper and need not be “leaders” by title. These are students who do outstanding work and inspire others also to do so.